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Temporary Nanny

Need a Nanny in a hurry?


If your regular nanny is not available or if you need someone to look after your child for a determined period of time, we are providing experienced Temporary Nannies. 

At Petit Monde, we are able to meet your needs for replacing a nanny for several days, several weeks or several months. A Temporary Nanny makes an ideal situation when your regular childcare falls through. This includes situations where your nanny is ill, is on vacation, or you need childcare only for a brief period of time. 

Every Temporary Nanny on our books has been checked with the DBS for your absolute peace of mind.


Temporary Nanny's responsabilities

Experienced, Reliable and Flexible

The responsibilities of a Nanny, whether permanent or temporary, revolve around your children’s needs. She will give your children loving and nurturing care. A nanny’s responsibilities may include: 

•Getting the children dressed and ready for their day
•Preparing meals for the children
•Pick the children up to and from school and activities
•Supervising homework
•Taking the children on play dates
•Supervising children’s play and provide age-appropriate activities
•Helping with children’s laundry
•Light housekeeping revolving around the children’s needs

Temporary Childcare Instruction

The best way to handle the unattended


Because a Temporary Nanny is not a familiar face like a regular nanny would be, you want to take the time to ensure she is up to speed on your child’s needs as well as other pertinent information. One way to make sure your Temporary Nanny will handle any situation in your family, it is important to let her a list of the essentials. These are the main pieces of information you should provide.

•Leave your contact information
•Note the time you will return
•Leave an alternate name and contact in case of emergency
•Write down any special routines, activities or other daily needs your child has
•Give any specific instructions for the medical needs of your child.

When you need occasional Nannying along with flexible hours, going with a Temporary Nanny is the best solution. 

Temporary Nanny Guidelines

  • Negociable Can work on bank holiday and others public holidays
  • Babysitting not included in the salary
  • Can be live in or live out If live in a separate bedroom and bathroom is expected
  • £10 to £14 net per hour Double pay for working on bank holiday and other public holidays