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Special Needs Nanny

Children With Special Needs Need Special Caregivers

Parenting a child with special needs may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. “Special needs” covers a wide assortment of diseases, disorders and disabilities.

If you have the right information and help, it can become inspirational. Our Specialized Nannies have extensive experience working with special needs children. They offer expertise in many areas. From their calming personalities to their innovative caring techniques, they can make your life easier. 

Every Nanny on our books has been checked with the Criminal Records Bureau for your absolute peace of mind.

Give the best for your child

When hiring a Child-Carer for special needs children you are not only improving the lives of your children, but also of the whole family. Our nannies take unneeded worry and stress away from parents while introducing your special needs baby or children to new activities and exercises to ease their frustration.

Our Bilingual Nannies

At Petit Monde, we are exclusive in the placement of Bilingual Nannies, below find some of the languages we are specialise in:

  • - French
  • - German
  • - Polish
  • - Spanish
  • - Italian
  • - Czeck
  • - Portuguese
  • - Dutch
  • - Greek
  • - Arabic
  • - Chinese
  • - Russian
  • - Finnish
  • - Etc

Specialized Nanny Guidelines

  • Flexible (depending of the family needs)
  • Not included in the salary
  • No accomodation expected if live-out
  • £10 to £12 net per hour