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Babysitting Guidelines

We guarantee the best possible experience

When using a babysitter for the first time, we suggest you arrange for her to arrive half an hour before you leave. This allows you to introduce the new person to your children in a relaxed manner.

Why not have a favourite story or a fun board game ready to encourage bonding? Seeing the positive interaction between your family and the babysitter will reassure you so that you can really enjoy your evening.

Take the time to explain essential details, such as where nappies and dummies are kept, as well as important parts of a child's individual routine, for instance the special toy without which sleep is impossible. If the babysitter is expected to bottle feed a baby or heat up food, show her round the kitchen. Some parents find leaving short written instructions helpful. Staying as close as possible to your family's usual rhythm helps to achieve a positive babysitting experience for everyone.

Explain all of your personal house rules, but rest assured that all of our candidates know how to conduct themselves.

Every Babysitter on our books has been checked with the Criminal Records Bureau for your absolute peace of mind.


With Petit Monde, all of our babysitters are experienced professionals in whom you may have complete confidence.

A Petit Monde babysitter will never smoke, drink alcohol or employ inappropriate language while at work. She will not help herself to food unless you have invited her to do so, nor will she use any facilities, such as telephone or Internet, without your prior permission.

Asking friends or boyfriends to come over is expressly forbidden and our babysitters know that lengthy mobile phone conversations are not permitted as the line must be kept free for parents to make contact.

For more information about our babysitting services, please contact us.