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Live-out Nanny

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Employed by private families, a Nanny provides childcare for children, typically from birth until age 12. In addition to serving as a babysitter, these professionals perform a variety of tasks that contribute to the physical, emotional and mental development of the children in charge. While there are not any formal educational requirements to obtain employment in this field, the most sought that nannies possess college is a degree within early childhood development, education or a related field of study. 

Every Live-out Nanny on our books has been checked with the DBS for your absolute peace of mind.

A Nanny who can truly become part of your family

The Nanny forms strong bonds with the children she cares for.


Child Development

More than simply monitoring children when parents are unavailable to do so, the Nanny also plays an important role in their physiological development. She must plan and prepare healthful meals and snacks at regularly scheduled intervals. The Nanny educates each child within areas of social grace, such as manners and safety as well as personal care, ensuring that he brushes her teeth, bathes and is properly groomed. When these skills are not adhered to, discipline is often used in an effort to reinforce them.

Additionally, the Nanny supplements their academic education, assisting them with homework, administering additional education assignments and quizzes as well as planning educational activities such as outings to cultural institutions including museums, theatres or symphony. The Nanny maintains constant communication with parents, informing them on the development of their children, and any causes of concern that have been identified.


The Nannies are not just babysitters. They may organize play dates, coordinate lesson schedules after school, cook, clean and do other chores related to the children for whom they care. They escort children to activities and help them enjoy their surroundings.

While a Nanny's primary duty is providing care and supervision for children, she may be responsible for a number of additional tasks, depending on the number of hours she works and the family by whom she is employed. 


Live-out Nanny duties

A help in every step

A Full Time Live-Out Nanny performs the same duties as a Live-in nanny, except the nanny does not live with the family. The family provides a Live-Out Nanny with a set weekly schedule that usually consists of 40 to 50 hours a week. 

The Nanny's job duties vary from child to child and should always be discussed with the parents before a nanny agrees to accept a position. However, every Nanny should fulfil certain expectations when caring for a child. 

The Nanny's most important duty is keeping any child in her care safe from danger. This means careful supervision, as well as teaching the child how to make safe decisions.

The Nanny is usually in charge of meals and nap times, so she should have a basic understanding of child nutrition and children's sleep requirements.

Some Nannies may be uncomfortable disciplining the children in their care because they feel it is not their place; that is why, the parents shall talk about it and be in agreement that a child must learn to accept discipline from any caregiver, including the Nanny.

Good Habits
The Nanny spend regular and significant amounts of time with the children, meaning she plays an essential role in teaching children good habits, including health and hygiene, manners and respect, and even proper speech and development.

Setting an Example
The Nanny must be aware that children are watching and learning from her, just as with their parents. Her responsibility is to teach children how to behave and function in the world, not just with her words but with her own actions.

Live-out Nanny Guidelines

  • 10 to 12 hours per day
  • 5 days per week
  • Babysitting not included in the salary
  • No accommodation required
  • £10 to £14 net per hour
  • £400 to £600 net per week depending on experience