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Childcare Qualifications

Qualifications for People who care


Whether you are looking to start work in Childcare or are already in work and would like to progress with your career then to help you choose the right Childcare course we have listed all the relevant courses here but for more information please call the awarding bodies directly. 

Explanation of Qualifications


Generally there are 5 types of qualifications in childcare, CACHE, NVQ , BTEC, City & Guilds and Montessori, which we have provided some details below.


CACHE is a specialist body that developes courses and qualifications in childcare. Their courses range from entry level to advanced qualifications for sector professionals.

• CACHE Entry Level Award and Certificate in Personal and Social Development (Entry 3) (QCF)
• CACHE Entry Level Award and Certificate in Caring for a Child / Children (Entry 3) (QCF)
• Entry Level Certificate in Preparation for Childcare (NQF)
• CACHE Foundation Award in Caring for Children (NQF)
• CACHE Level 1 Award in an Introduction to Early Years Settings (QCF)
• CACHE Level 1 Award and Certificate in Personal and Social Development (QCF)
• CACHE Level 1 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Caring for Children (QCF)
• CACHE Level 1 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s Settings (QCF)

For full details on their courses you can contact CACHE.


NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification which allows people in the work place with no formal qualification the opportunity to get a recognised qualification. You’ll learn practical, work-related tasks designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge to do your job effectively. 


BTEC are work related qualifications that provide a more practical, real-world approach to learning.
For full details on their courses you can contact BTEC.

City & Guilds

City & Guilds create relevant childcare qualifications that help learners gain the skills employers value.
For full details on their courses you can contact City & Guilds.


The Montessori Method is an internationally renowned qualification. It is a method used that gives individual care and attention to a child’s needs allowing the child to fulfil their highest potential spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.
For full details on courses you can contact the Montessori Centre.

Qualification Levels


Different qualifications are grouped together into various levels. This can help you see how qualifications compare and how one type can lead on to another.

If you're interested in gaining a childcare qualification, choosing from the huge range available can seem daunting. Though don't panic as there's lots of help and advice to help you pick a qualification that's right for you.

Entry Level Qualifications

Are for beginners and provides the basics. If you don’t have any prior experience, and you don't feel confident about your abilities, then this level could be a good place to start. You will gain the basics required in working with children, however at this level you will not have the ability to work in a specific job role. Entry levels will provide a step towards further education and training.

Level 1 Qualifications

Introductory qualifications that are ideal for those new to the industry. They cover basic tasks and knowledge. At this level you will gain relevant knowledge and skills to complete routine tasks under supervision.

Level 2 Qualifications

Are slightly more advanced and need learners to have some knowledge of the subject area. This level will provide you with a good knowledge and understanding and the ability to perform various tasks with some direction and guidance in various settings under supervision.

Level 3 Qualifications

Cover more complex tasks and begin to develop learners' supervisory skills. Qualifications are designed to provide you with the knowledge required to be able to complete tasks and deal with fairly complex problems. This is an appropriate level for people who want to go to university, work independently in various settings, or supervise and train others.

Level 4 Qualifications

Require learners to have specialist or technical expertise. Qualifications will provide you with the ability to identify and use relevant methods and skills in complex and non-routine situations. This level is for those working in management and other professional roles.

Level 5 Qualifications

Require learners to have a grasp of the most complex principles. They're designed for those who are expected to manage people and resources.

Level 6 Qualifications

Are aimed at senior managers.

Level 7 Qualifications

For those seeking continuous professional development.

Qualification Levels that lead to specific Job roles


Level 2 qualifications will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need for the following job roles, where you will be working under supervision:

- Au Pair
- Babysitter
- Creche Assistant
- Mothers/Fathers Help
- Nursery Assistant
- Playgroup Assistant
- Pre-school Assistant
- Teacher Assistant

Level 3 qualifications are suitable for workers who will be working unsupervised in the following job roles:

- Childminder
- Maternity Nurse
- Nanny
- Nursery Nurse
- Nursery Room Leader
- Pre-school Leader
- Senior Playworker
- Teacher Assistant

Level 4 qualifications are for people looking to work in the following job roles:

- Nursery Deputy Manager
- Nursery Manager