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Teacher Qualifications

Are you qualified to teach in the UK?


If you hold a degree level teaching qualification from your home country, then you are normally entitled to teach in the UK for up to 4 years, before you a required to have your teaching qualifications assessed and transferred to obtain Qualified Teacher Status in the UK.

However not all countries have equivalent teaching degrees to the UK, and therefore if your qualification is obtained from any country other than Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA or Canada, then we will require you to get your teaching qualifications verified by a company called UK Naric. 

If you hold a teaching degree from a European Union country, then you automatically qualify for Qualified Teacher Status in the UK. We strongly recommend that you contact The General Teaching Council to convert your qualifications and obtain your QTS number for the UK, 

If you want to teach in the UK on a long term contract, Schools normally want at least 12 months teaching experience from your original country, before they will consider you. But you don't need such experience in school to become a School Tutor at Petit Monde Agency, which could be the right choice if you would like to build experience and also stay in the Education process.